PVS-Studio for C/C++/C#

PVS-Studio is the static code analysis tool for C, C++ and C# programs. Static code analysis tool simplifies the process of coding, detects errors and helps to fix them. PVS-Studio checked 200 open source projects, and every contained mistakes that could be prevented by regular usage of static code analyzer.


  • integrates into the Visual Studio 2010-2015;
  • incremental analysis (the automatic triggering of the analyzer at the moment immediately after compilation commences at developer's local system);
  • build-system independent file verification (through the compiler invocation monitoring system) by PVS-Studio Standalone;
  • online-help;
  • pdf-documentation;
  • saving and loading of analysis results;
  • capability of command line launch;
  • support for multi-core and multi-processor systems (with possibility to specify concurrency limits);
  • convenient integration into the team development process;
  • ability to check new code only.


  • Easy-to-download! Download the PVS-Studio distribution package without registering and filling in any forms.
  • Easy to try! Implemented as a plug-in for Visual Studio. Simple to install and does not require special setting before getting started.
  • Easy-to-buy! Simple pricing and licensing policy. You decide what you need on the order page, pay the purchase and get the registration key by email.
  • Easy-to-support! Analyzer's developers directly communicate with you. It enables to get answers quickly to even complicated questions related to programming.