About Company

We develop PVS-Studio, one of the best static code analyzers to be found. This tool helps programmers monitor and manage code quality and eliminate a variety of errors and typos at the very early stages of the development process.

The OOO "Program Verification Systems" company was founded in 2008. Its office is situated in the Tula city (200 km to Moscow). The team has profound knowledge in the area of the C/C++/C# languages, 64-bit applications and parallel software development.

The company's main lines of activity are the following:

  • Development, promotion and selling of the PVS-Studio analyzer.
  • Third-party code audit.
  • Software adaptation for 64-bit systems.
  • Development of special code analysis solutions.

The company spends much time on popularizing the static analysis methodology as well as other practices contributing to code quality and safety improvement. The company workers have written a lot of interesting articles about the C++ language, 64-bit software development and many other subjects. Visit the company's website to read all these materials.

Regular code reviews of widely known open-source applications should be mentioned specially. These reviews benefit everyone:

  • Readers get interesting articles about bugs found in real-life source code.
  • Open-source software developers learn about many bugs they can fix in their projects.
  • And for us it's a good way to advertise PVS-Studio and demonstrate its capabilities.

We wish you to enjoy reading our articles and catching bugs with the help of PVS-Studio.

We stand guard over high-quality code and wish you luck in all your programming endeavors.

Other information about our company: