Collection of interesting resources on C/C++ programming

I constantly study the Web regarding new articles on C/C++/C++11 programming. If I find them interesting, I post links to them in twitter @Code_Analysis, on Reddit /r/Viva64 and like them on StumbleUpon. If you are present on one of these websites, I invite you to follow me. You will find a lot of interesting articles in time. To get you interested, I decided to create a small selection of materials.

First of all, of course, I would like to recommend you our viva64.com website. There you can find a lot of articles and blog posts regarding development of quality code. For example, I invite you to see 28 lessons on developing 64-bit software in C/C++.

For the purpose of convenience I have arranged the links into several subjects. Enjoy reading.

Note. Usually we wrap links to manage their integrity. I wrote about this brave fight against chaos in the article "d'Artagnan and Internet, or working on the problem of bad links". Unfortunately, I will give direct links this time. These materials will significantly enlarge the link base, which means that we will have much work to do in case the articles are moved. d'Artagnan and Internet, or working on the problem of bad links

C++ as large as life

Interesting blogs

Floating-point arithmetic

Various programming tricks

Character encoding and control characters

Coding standards