Settings: Detectable Errors


In the tab of detectable errors you can indicate the codes of those errors which you do not want to see in the analysis report.

Picture 3

The analyzer detects all the errors supported by this version independently from the settings defined in this settings tab. But sometimes it is needed to omit errors with particular codes in the report. For example, if you are sure that you are not interested in errors relating to explicit type conversion (codes V201, V202, V203) you may skip them in the report. For this you need just to set False value opposite each of these errors' codes.

Please note: when changing the list of errors shown you don't need to restart the project's analysis. The analyzer always detects all the errors and showing particular errors is defined in this settings tab. When enabling diagnosis of errors being disabled earlier, they will appear in the report at once and you won't need to start analysis of the whole project again.