VivaCore Library

Those who are interested in the code analysis technology most likely have heard about our library VivaCore. It is this library our static analyzer PVS-Studio is based on. Earlier one could download the library from our site, but we have removed it recently and do not distribute it any more.

If you want to try this library or deal with building C/C++/C++11 code analysis systems in general, you can write to us. We are ready to develop a solution in the sphere of code analysis based on the library to order. Such solutions are rather complex and one need to have experience in handling such libraries. We can provide you with this experience in the form of our team on contract terms. You cannot simply download and use this library, since it is impossible without our support, while we cannot afford supporting an open source library without being paid for it.

PVS-Studio is developed on the basis of our VivaCore library. VivaCore is meant for the development of systems in the sphere of static analysis, testing and verification of program code in C/C++/C++11 language. If you investigate the possibility of creating tools for working with the program code this text is for you.

While investigating the sphere of static analysis we understood that we can offer our issues to other companies. They may interest those companies which create or are planning to create tools for working with the code. As C++ is one of the most difficult languages for analysis, creation of a toolkit to work with it often takes a lot of time for the procedure of working with the code. VivaCore library allows to simplify this part of the project and offers the developers the possibility to concentrating on the creation of the TOOL itself for working with the code, and not on the arranging of the code walkthrough algorithms.

Let's enumerate briefly the possible spheres for creation of new software tools on the basis of VivaCore library:

  • Software reengineering tools: refactoring, source code transformation, code optimization;
  • Quality assurance tools: software metrics, code standard checking, coverage analysis, code analyzers;
  • Source code documentation;
  • Software migration tools: platform and operation systems migration.

If your company is planning to develop tools in these or similar spheres, we are ready to provide you with our VivaCore library, arrange consultations on its integration and use and also to complete and bring about new possibilities of analysis.

Write us if you have interest to VivaCore.

VivaVisualCode, example of usage VivaCore Library

VivaVisualCode is a program demonstrating in a visual form the abilities of VivaCode library in building parse trees for C++ code. VivaVisualCode implements graphic representation of a parse tree on the screen. Write us if you have interest to VivaVisualCode.