Our Vacancies

Looking to enjoy C/C++ programming and solve interesting tasks? or become a C++ expert? If yes, you are welcome for a job interview.

There is no other company in Tula that can give you an opportunity to study the C++ language so profoundly and take part in the C++ community's life. No kidding - it's a unique opportunity for you to get in contact with such guys as Scott Meyers (a C++ expert), Walter Bright (a Digital Mars C++ developer and the D language's creator), and so on.

Well, you actually don't have to go that far. Andrey Karpov, who has been retaining a Microsoft MVP status in the Visual C++ nomination for several years already, works in our company, too. He was granted the Intel Black Belt Software Developer award and is well known at Habrahabr (look for Andrey2008).

What is this wonderful place, after all? It is a Tula company OOO "Program Verification Systems" that develops a static analyzer for C/C++ code PVS-Studio and also offers special services to other companies such as adaptation of C++ code for 64-bit systems.

To learn more about the company, see the interview.

Our vacancies:

  • C++ beginner
  • C++ programmer
  • Java programmer
  • C++ expert

A small request please. Send the link to this page to your friends and acquaintances; perhaps there are some among them who are tired of database programming and wish to devote themselves to the service to the lofty ideas of the C++ language.

Do you make errors in the code?

Check your code
with PVS-Studio

Static code analysis
for C, C++, and C#

goto PVS-Studio;