Examples of errors detected by the V6048 diagnostic

V6048. This expression can be simplified. One of the operands in the operation equals NN. Probably it is a mistake.


V6048 This expression can be simplified. Operand 'defaultGroupSizeSpace' in the operation equals 1. ByteViewerLayoutModel.java(66)

void setFactorys(FieldFactory[] fieldFactorys,
                 DataFormatModel dataModel, int margin) {
  factorys = new FieldFactory[fieldFactorys.length];

  int x = margin;
  int defaultGroupSizeSpace = 1;
  for (int i = 0; i < factorys.length; i++) {
    factorys[i] = fieldFactorys[i];
    x += factorys[i].getWidth();
    // add in space between groups
    if (((i + 1) % defaultGroupSizeSpace) == 0) { // <=
      x += margin * dataModel.getUnitDelimiterSize();
  width = x - margin * dataModel.getUnitDelimiterSize() + margin;

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