Examples of errors detected by the V706 diagnostic.

V706. Suspicious division: sizeof(X) / Value. Size of every element in X array does not equal to divisor.

Haiku Operation System

V706 Suspicious division: sizeof (kBaudrates) / sizeof (char *). Size of every element in 'kBaudrates' array does not equal to divisor. SerialWindow.cpp 162

const int SerialWindow::kBaudrates[] = { 50, 75, 110, .... };

SerialWindow::SerialWindow() : ....
  for(int i = sizeof(kBaudrates) / sizeof(char*);          // <=
        --i >= 0;)
    message = new BMessage(kMsgSettings);
    message->AddInt32("baudrate", kBaudrateConstants[i]);

    char buffer[7];
    sprintf(buffer, "%d", kBaudrates[i]);                  // <=
    BMenuItem* item = new BMenuItem(buffer, message);


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