Examples of errors detected by the V766 diagnostic.

V766. An item with the same key has already been added.


V766 An item with the same key '"colorSectionBorder"' has already been added. ntp_resource_cache.cc 581

void NTPResourceCache::CreateNewTabCSS()
  // Colors.
  substitutions["colorBackground"] =
  substitutions["backgroundBarDetached"] =
    GetNewTabBackgroundCSS(tp, false);
  substitutions["backgroundBarAttached"] =
    GetNewTabBackgroundCSS(tp, true);
  substitutions["backgroundTiling"] =
  substitutions["colorTextRgba"] =
  substitutions["colorSectionBorder"] =
      SkColorToRGBAString(color_section_border); // <=
  substitutions["colorTextLight"] =
  substitutions["colorSectionBorder"] =
      SkColorToRGBComponents(color_section_border); // <=
  substitutions["colorText"] =


V766 An item with the same key '"mrcs"' has already been added. importgtp-gp6.cpp 100

const static std::map<QString, QString> instrumentMapping = {
  {"e-piano-gs", "electric-piano"},
  {"e-piano-ss", "electric-piano"},
  {"hrpch-gs", "harpsichord"},
  {"hrpch-ss", "harpsichord"},
  {"mrcs", "maracas"},                // <=
  {"mrcs", "oboe"},                   // <=
  {"mrcs", "oboe"},                   // <= using of Copy-Paste

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