We have moved to a new office! See photos below...

Our team has moved to a new office situated at the following address: Office 308, 39 Revolyutsii St., Tula, Russia, 300034. It's this address that mail should be sent to, while our registered address remains the same: 70-1-88 Metallurgov St., Tula, Russia, 300027. Now we invite everyone to look at the photos of our new workplace!

We have many computers and monitors, of course.

Picture 1

But we've put the cases on special stands so that they don't clutter the desks.

Picture 2

Thanks to a duct for the local and electrical networks, we can now do without awful webs of wiring and extension cords spread on the floor.

Picture 3

By the way, as you can see, case stands are convenient to put bags and backpacks on.

It's nice when you have plenty of space on your desk.

Picture 4

Some prefer laptops.

Picture 5

When visiting programmer teams, you are always sure to find books by Knuth in their bookcase - and network equipment behind it.

Picture 7

Aluminum window blinds and an air conditioner protect us from the sun and its heat.

Picture 8

Besides computers we need a recreation room, of course.

Picture 9

This room is also used to hold some conversations, so we have diplomas, achievement awards, and some funny stuff on the walls.

Picture 10

Did you notice the circle in the middle? You think it's a shaman drum?

Picture 11

That's right. The guys from Intel presented it to us. It helps when you need to fix a bug (at least, this is what the inscriptions on it promise).

It's the place where we extract water.

Picture 12

And this is where we warm up food.

Picture 13

One more present from Intel by the door.

Picture 14

The inscription reads: "A horseshoe nailed to your computer case protects your code from bugs."

Many of you are perhaps astonished to know that we are a small company. For some reason many believe that we are a part of some large corporation or that we have a large staff and a marketing department. No, we don't. We just collect the most talented people and work in this small team to create something unique. And this is good for our users because they always get answers to their questions from those directly involved in product development and coding.

Use PVS-Studio to search for bugs in C, C++, C# and Java

We offer you to check your project code with PVS-Studio. Just one bug found in the project will show you the benefits of the static code analysis methodology better than a dozen of the articles.

goto PVS-Studio;

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