PVS-Studio License Renewal

Your license for our PVS-Studio code analyzer will expire soon (or expired this month). Of course, we would be glad if you renewed the license.

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Also, we would like to note that our product is actively developing. At this point, PVS-Studio analyzes C, C++ and C# code. The tool works on Windows and on Linux (without C#). On top of that, we have got powerful tools for teamwork. For example, e-mail messaging those developers who have made errors in the code; integration with the SonarQube system; integration with different CI systems.

How can I renew my license?

Just write us and specify which license type you want to renew and for what term (one year generally) - and we will send you a link to make the purchase.

How much does license renewal cost?

The license renewal price is 80% of the current original price. You can also renew your license for two years right away. In this case, you get an additional discount and the total price will be 80%+50%=130% instead of 80%+80%=160%.

Can I update to an advanced license for more developers when renewing my license?

Yes, just specify this in your email. We will make an interesting offer for you.

Is the license perpetual or only valid for some term?

The license is valid through one year, then you will have to renew it.

What happens when the license expires? Will the program stop working completely, or will I just be unable to get new updates?

The program will stop working completely.

Why don't you sell perpetual licenses?

Because it's not profitable, of course. But there is much more behind this phrase than a mere greed.

Static code analysis tools require constant maintenance as new compiler versions appear (including service packs) as well as new IDE versions, new operating systems, and even new hardware - all of this requires us to constantly work on improving our product. And our users always get the necessary updates.

Besides, we always keep in touch with our users, guiding them on how to get the best out of static analysis for their projects, commenting on diagnostic messages, clarifying on the issues they find in their code, and so on. Our user support service is run by qualified developers, not just some "office girls on the phone".

All of that involves high costs and we just cannot afford perpetual licenses.

OK, that sounds fair, but why don't you just stop providing updates and support after the license expires, keeping the program usable, like some other vendors do?

There are programs that you don't have to update too often once you have purchased them. For example, a dictionary with 20,000 words in version 7 will hardly drastically change in version 8 to embrace 40,000 words. So it wouldn't be fair to push users to update to a newer version of that dictionary.

Static analysis tools are quite a different thing. Their major development vector is heading towards improving bug diagnostics, adding new diagnostic rules, reducing the number of false positives in old ones, and so on. That's why it would be a very strange thing for anyone to say they would like to use an old suit of diagnostic rules without updates. You know, static analysis tools do resemble anti-viruses quite a lot in this aspect. Providing perpetual free updates is impossible.

At this point, static analysis software developers have two options to choose from. The first is to hold new diagnostics until a major-version release and sell it all together. The second is to regularly ship updates, including major releases, during some term, for example, one year. This is how anti-virus vendors do work. And so do we.

You still haven't convinced me! If your program continues to work after its' license expires, I would surely purchase it, but with the current state of things, I won't

As our experience proves, things usually go the following way. If users like our program and it has helped them find some interesting bugs in their code, they are almost sure to renew it. They don't care if the program would work without renewal or not. And if they don't like it (we are not gods and can't please everyone), they, too, don't care if the program would work without renewal or not, for they won't use it anyway.

Well, does someone really renew the license?

We have a very good churn rate of license renewal - more than 50% of our clients renew their license. In addition, we have clients, who have been with us for more than 5 years.

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