Static Analysis in C++

May 8, 2020

Author: The Cherno

In this video, you'll find out more about one of the ways how to improve your C++ code which by applying static analysis tools. Despite the fact that every programmer strives to write flawless code and compute everything on the fly, it's hard even for an experienced professional. Here's where a static analyzer comes in handy.

Not only does it complement compiler's work, it also gives reasons for the occurrence of some errors in code.

It is recommended checking out various tools, PVS-Studio is one of the finest examples. In this case, PVS-Studio is used as a Visual Studio extension. The author writes a code fragment with an unobvious flaw in the nested for statement, which triggers warnings. This case is followed by other examples of errors detection. We can safely say that the benefit from using static analysis can be seen immediately.

Bugs Found

Checked Projects
Collected Errors
14 312
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