V1013. Suspicious subexpression in a sequence of similar comparisons.

The analyzer has detected a code fragment that is very likely to contain a typo. The fragment is a sequence of similar comparisons of class members, but one of the subexpressions is different from the others in that it compares a pair of members of different names, while the others compare pairs of members of the same name.

Consider the following example:

if (a.x == b.x && a.y == b.y && a.z == b.y)

In this code, the 'a.z == b.y' subexpression is different from the other subexpressions in the sequence and is very likely a result of a typo made by the programmer when editing the copied code fragment. This is the correct version, which would not trigger the warning:

if (a.x == b.x && a.y == b.y && a.z == b.z)

The analyzer outputs this warning for sequences of three and more comparisons.

You can look at examples of errors detected by the V1013 diagnostic.

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