V3035. Consider inspecting the expression. Probably the '+=' should be used here.

The analyzer detected a potential error: there is a sequence of '=+' characters in code. It might be a misprint and you should use the '+=' operator.

Consider the following example:

int size, delta;

This code may be correct, but it is highly probable that there is a misprint and the programmer actually intended to use the '+=' operator. This is the fixed code:

int size, delta;

If this code is correct, you may remove '+' or type in an additional space to prevent showing the V3035 warning. The following is an example of correct code where the warning is not generated:

size = delta;
size = +delta;

Note. To search for misprints of the 'A =- B' kind, we use the V3036 diagnostic rule. This check is implemented separately since a lot of false reports are probable and you may want to disable it.

According to Common Weakness Enumeration, potential errors found by using this diagnostic are classified as CWE-480.

You can look at examples of errors detected by the V3035 diagnostic.

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