V508. The use of 'new type(n)' pattern was detected. Probably meant: 'new type[n]'.

The analyzer found code that might contain a misprint and therefore lead to an error. There is only one object of integer type that is dynamically created and initialized. It is highly probable that round brackets are used instead of square brackets by misprint.

Here is an example:

int n;
int *P1 = new int(n);

Memory is allocated for one object of the int type. It is rather strange. Perhaps the correct code should look like this:

int n;
int *P1 = new int[n];

The analyzer generates the warning only if memory is allocated for simple types. The argument in the brackets must be of integer type in this case. As a result, the analyzer will not generate the warning on the following correct code:

float f = 1.0f;
float *f2 = new float(f);

MyClass *p = new MyClass(33);

This diagnostic is classified as:

Bugs Found

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