V515. The 'delete' operator is applied to non-pointer.

In code, the delete operator is applied to a class object instead of the pointer. It is most likely to be an error.

Consider a code sample:

CString str;
delete str;

The 'delete' operator can be applied to an object of the CString type since the CString class can be automatically cast to the pointer. Such code might cause an exception or unexpected program behavior.

Correct code might look so:

CString *pstr = new CString;
delete pstr;

In some cases, applying the 'delete' operator to class objects is not an error. You may encounter such code, for instance, when working with the QT::QbasicAtomicPointer class. The analyzer ignores calls of the 'delete' operator to objects of this type. If you know other similar classes it is a normal practice to apply the 'delete' operator to, please tell us about them. We will add them into exceptions.

According to Common Weakness Enumeration, potential errors found by using this diagnostic are classified as CWE-763.

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