V538. The line contains control character 0x0B (vertical tabulation).

There are ASCII control characters in the program text.

The following character refers to them:

0x0B - LINE TABULATION (vertical tabulation) - Moves the typing point to the next vertical tabulation position. In terminals, this character is usually equivalent to line feed.

Such characters are allowed to be present in program text and such text is successfully compiled in Visual C++. However, these characters must have appeared in the program text by accident and you'd better get rid of them. There are two reasons for that:

1) If such a control character stands in the first lines of a file, the Visual Studio environment cannot understand the file's format and opens it with the Notepad application instead of its own embedded editor.

2) Some external tools working with program texts may incorrectly process files containing the above mentioned control characters.

0x0B characters are invisible in the Visual Studio 2010 editor. To find and delete them in a line, you may open the file in the Notepad application or any other editor that can display such control characters.

You can look at examples of errors detected by the V538 diagnostic.

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