V584. The same value is present on both sides of the operator. The expression is incorrect or it can be simplified.

Analyzer found an expression that can be simplified. The possibility of a misprint presence in it is quite high.

Let's review an example:

float SizeZ;
if (SizeZ + 1 < SizeZ)

The analyzer thinks that this condition contains a mistake because it is practically senseless. Most likely another check was implied. The correct variant:

if (SizeZ + 1 < maxSizeZ)

Of course programmers sometimes utilize some tricks which are formally correct but do appear quite odd. The analyzer tries to detect such situations if possible and not to produce warnings. For instance the analyzer considers such checks as being safe:

//overflow test for summation
int a, b;
if (a + b < a)

//Verifying that x does not equals zero, +infinity, -infinity
double X;
if (X * 0.5f != X)

This diagnostic is classified as:

You can look at examples of errors detected by the V584 diagnostic.

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