V6030. The function located to the right of the '|' and '&' operators will be called regardless of the value of the left operand. Consider using '||' and '&&' instead.

The analyzer has detected a possible typo in a logical expression: a bitwise operator (& or |) is used instead of a logical one (&& or ||). This means that the right operand will be evaluated regardless of the result of the left operand.

Consider the following example:

if (foo() | bar()) {}

Using bitwise operations is suboptimal from the performance viewpoint when the operands are represented by relatively resource-intensive operations. Besides, such code could cause errors because of different types participating in the expression and different operation precedence. There are also situations where the right operand must not be executed if evaluation of the left one has failed, in which case the program could attempt to access uninitialized resources. Finally, bitwise operations do not guarantee the operand evaluation order.

Fixed code:

if (foo() || bar()) {}

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