V653. A suspicious string consisting of two parts is used for the initialization. It is possible that a comma is missing.

The analyzer has detected a potential error: two strings are concatenated into one when declaring an array, consisting of string literals. The error may be a consequence of a misprint when a comma is missing between two string literals.

It may stay unnoticed for a long time: for example, it reveals itself on rare occasions when an array of string literals is used to form error messages.

Have a look at an example of incorrect code:

const char *Array [] = {
  "Min", "Max", "1",
  "Begin", "End" "2" };

A comma is missing between the literals "End" and "2"; that's why they will be united into one string literal "End2". To fix it, you should separate the string literals with a comma.

This is the fixed code:

const char *Array [] = {
  "Min", "Max", "1",
  "Begin", "End", "2" };

The analyzer doesn't generate the warning message if the concatenated string appears to be too long (more than 50 characters) or consists of more than two fragments. This method is often used by programmers to format code with long string literals.

This diagnostic is classified as:

You can look at examples of errors detected by the V653 diagnostic.

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