История версий PVS-Studio

PVS-Studio 7.05 (10 декабря 2019)

  • Утилита для оповещения разработчиков о результатах анализа Blame Notifier теперь доступна на всех поддерживаемых анализатором платформах (Windows, Linux, macOS). Blame Notifier использует информацию из системы контроля версий (SVN, Git, Mercurial) для определения человека, написавшего код, на который анализатор выдаёт сообщение.
  • PVS-Studio теперь можно установить с помощью менеджера пакетов Chocolatey.
  • Добавлена поддержка проверки проектов .NET Core 3 и 3.1 для C# анализатора.
  • В Windows версии анализатора появилась возможность задавать исключённые из анализа директории на уровне конкретного Visual Studio проекта или solution'а с помощью .pvsconfig файлов.
  • Оптимизирован расход памяти C# анализатором PVS-Studio при проверке крупных проектов.
  • V822. Decreased performance. A new object is created, while a reference to an object is expected.
  • V1044. Loop break conditions do not depend on the number of iterations.
  • V1045. The DllMain function throws an exception. Consider wrapping the throw operator in a try..catch block.
  • V1046. Unsafe usage of the 'bool' and integer types together in the operation '&='.
  • V1047. Lifetime of the lambda is greater than lifetime of the local variable captured by reference.
  • V1048. Variable 'foo' was assigned the same value.
  • V1049. The 'foo' include guard is already defined in the 'bar1.h' header. The 'bar2.h' header will be excluded from compilation.
  • V2558. MISRA. A pointer/reference parameter in a function should be declared as pointer/reference to const if the corresponding object was not modified.
  • V2559. MISRA. Subtraction, >, >=, <, <= should be applied only to pointers that address elements of the same array.
  • V2560. MISRA. There should be no user-defined variadic functions.
  • V2561. MISRA. The result of an assignment expression should not be used.
  • V3146. Possible null dereference. A method can return default null value.
  • V3147. Non-atomic modification of volatile variable.
  • V3148. Casting potential 'null' value to a value type can lead to NullReferenceException.
  • V3149. Dereferencing the result of 'as' operator can lead to NullReferenceException.
  • V6072. Two similar code fragments were found. Perhaps, this is a typo and 'X' variable should be used instead of 'Y'.
  • V6073. It is not recommended to return null or throw exceptions from 'toString' / 'clone' methods.
  • V6074. Non-atomic modification of volatile variable.
  • V6075. The signature of method 'X' does not conform to serialization requirements.
  • V6076. Recurrent serialization will use cached object state from first serialization.

PVS-Studio 7.04 (4 сентября 2019)

  • Добавлена поддержка IntelliJ IDEA версии 192 в PVS-Studio плагине для этой IDE.
  • В PVS-Studio плагины для Visual Studio добавлена возможность автоматической загрузки логов анализа при проверке Unreal Engine проектов.
  • Добавлена возможность проверки C# проектов под .NET Core 3 Preview.
  • В C# анализаторе добавлено вычисление возвращаемых значений async методов, а также get и set методов у свойств.
  • В утилите для отслеживания запусков компиляторов на Windows добавлена возможность отслеживать только дочерние процессы у заданного процесса.
  • В утилите для отслеживания запусков компиляторов на Linux добавлен режим работы с игнорированием ccache кэша.
  • Плагин для отображения результатов анализа PVS-Studio в Jenkins теперь можно также использовать на Linux\macOS хостах (раньше он был доступен только для Windows)
  • Добавлена поддержка SonarQube 7.9 LTS в плагине PVS-Studio для SonarQube.
  • V1040. Possible typo in the spelling of a pre-defined macro name.
  • V1041. Class member is initialized with dangling reference.
  • V1042. This file is marked with copyleft license, which requires you to open the derived source code.
  • V1043. A global object variable is declared in the header. Multiple copies of it will be created in all translation units that include this header file.
  • V2551. MISRA. Variable should be declared in a scope that minimizes its visibility.
  • V2552. MISRA. Expressions with enum underlying type should have values corresponding to the enumerators of the enumeration.
  • V2553. MISRA. Unary minus operator should not be applied to an expression of the unsigned type.
  • V2554. MISRA. Expression containing increment (++) or decrement (--) should not have other side effects.
  • V2555. MISRA. Incorrect shifting expression.
  • V2556. MISRA. Use of a pointer to FILE when the associated stream has already been closed.
  • V2557. MISRA. Operand of sizeof() operator should not have other side effects.
  • V3140. Property accessors use different backing fields.
  • V3141. Expression under 'throw' is a potential null, which can lead to NullReferenceException.
  • V3142. Unreachable code detected. It is possible that an error is present.
  • V3143. The 'value' parameter is rewritten inside a property setter, and is not used after that.
  • V3144. This file is marked with copyleft license, which requires you to open the derived source code.
  • V3145. Unsafe dereference of a WeakReference target. The object could have been garbage collected before the 'Target' property was accessed.
  • V6068. Suspicious use of BigDecimal class.
  • V6069. Unsigned right shift assignment of negative 'byte' / 'short' value.
  • V6070. Unsafe synchronization on an object.
  • V6071. This file is marked with copyleft license, which requires you to open the derived source code.

PVS-Studio 7.03 (25 июня 2019)

  • В документации анализатора PVS-Studio теперь доступен раздел по использованию анализатора в контейнерах с помощью Docker.
  • Добавлена поддержка проверки проектов для QNX Momentics, компилятора QCC.
  • V1038. It's odd that a char or string literal is added to a pointer.
  • V1039. Character escape is used in multicharacter literal. This causes implementation-defined behavior.
  • V2543. MISRA. Value of the essential character type should be used appropriately in the addition/subtraction operations.
  • V2544. MISRA. Values of the essential appropriate types should be used at expressions.
  • V2545. MISRA. Conversion between pointers of different object types should not be performed.
  • V2546. MISRA. Expression resulting from the macro expansion should be surrounded by parentheses.
  • V2547. MISRA. The return value of non-void function should be used.
  • V2548. MISRA. The address of an object with local scope should not be passed out of its scope.
  • V2549. MISRA. Pointer to FILE should not be dereferenced.
  • V2550. MISRA. Floating-point values should not be tested for equality or inequality.
  • V3138. String literal contains potential interpolated expression.
  • V3139. Two or more case-branches perform the same actions.
  • V6067. Two or more case-branches perform the same actions.

PVS-Studio 7.02 (25 апреля 2019)

  • В PVS-Studio появилась поддержка Visual Studio 2019. Visual C++, .NET Framework и .NET Core C# проекты Visual Studio 2019 можно проверять как из самой IDE, так и из командной строки с помощью утилиты PVS-Studio_Cmd.exe.
  • Добавлена поддержка нового синтаксиса из C# 8.0 в PVS-Studio C# анализатор.
  • PVS-Studio C# теперь может видеть потенциальные разыменования нулевых ссылок (диагностика V3080) внутри тел методов, когда значение потенциального null'а передаётся в качестве аргумента метода.
  • Плагин PVS-Studio Java анализатора для IntelliJ IDEA теперь доступен в официальном репозитории плагинов JetBrains. Также плагин для IDEA теперь можно установить с помощью нашего Windows инсталлятора.
  • В PVS-Studio Java плагины для IDEA, Maven и Gradle добавлен режим массового подавления предупреждений, который можно использовать для скрытия предупреждений на старом коде при внедрении анализатора в процесс разработки.
  • Исправлена работа Compiler Monitoring на Windows при отслеживании сборки, запущенной из под Keil uVision в случае, когда имя пользователя в системе содержит нелатинские символы.
  • V1037. Two or more case-branches perform the same actions.
  • V2530. MISRA. The loop should be terminated with no more than one 'break' or 'goto' statement.
  • V2531. MISRA. Expression of the essential 'foo' type should not be cast to the essential 'bar' type.
  • V2532. MISRA. String literal should not be assigned to object unless it has type of pointer to const-qualified char.
  • V2533. MISRA. C-style and functional notation casts should not be performed.
  • V2534. MISRA. The loop counter should not have floating-point type.
  • V2535. MISRA. Unreachable code should not be present in the project.
  • V2536. MISRA. Function should not contain labels not used by any 'goto' statements.
  • V2537. MISRA. Functions should not have unused parameters.
  • V2538. MISRA. The value of uninitialized variable should not be used.
  • V2539. MISRA. Class destructor should not exit with an exception.
  • V2540. MISRA. Arrays should not be partially initialized.
  • V2541. MISRA. Function should not be declared implicitly.
  • V2542. MISRA. Function with a non-void return type should return a value from all exit paths.

PVS-Studio 7.01 (13 марта 2019)

  • Ограничений количества переходов по сообщениям анализатора в Visual Studio в trial больше нет! В PVS-Studio для Windows теперь используется общая с остальными платформами trial модель - вы можете получить полнофункциональную лицензию, заполнив форму на странице загрузки анализатора.
  • PVS-Studio C# диагностика V3080 (разыменование нулевой ссылки) теперь умеет находить потенциальные разыменования ссылок, которые могут принимать значение null в одной из веток выполнения. Улучшен межпроцедурный анализ.
  • В Visual Studio плагине PVS-Studio добавлена возможность при работе с проектами, хранящимися в TFVC (Team Foundation Version Control), делать автоматический checkout suppress файлов (режим включается в Options... > Specific Analzyer Settings).
  • V1036. Potentially unsafe double-checked locking.
  • V2529. MISRA. Any label should be declared in the same block as 'goto' statement or in any block enclosing it.

PVS-Studio 7.00 (16 января 2019)

  • В PVS-Studio версии 7.00 появился статический анализатор для Java. Подробнее обо всех нововведениях в PVS-Studio 7.00 можно почитать в нашем блоге.
  • Плагин PVS-Studio для SonarQube обновлён для поддержки последней версии SonarQube 7.4. Минимальная версия SonarQube, поддерживаемая последней версией PVS-Studio плагина, увеличена до LTS версии SonarQube 6.7.
  • V2526. MISRA. The function with the 'clock/time/difftime/ctime/asctime/gmtime/localtime/mktime' name should not be used.
  • V2527. MISRA. A switch-expression should not have Boolean type. Consider using of 'if-else' construct.
  • V2528. MISRA. The comma operator should not be used.
  • V6001. There are identical sub-expressions to the left and to the right of the 'foo' operator.
  • V6002. The switch statement does not cover all values of the enum.
  • V6003. The use of 'if (A) {...} else if (A) {...}' pattern was detected. There is a probability of logical error presence.
  • V6004. The 'then' statement is equivalent to the 'else' statement.
  • V6005. The 'x' variable is assigned to itself.
  • V6006. The object was created but it is not being used. The 'throw' keyword could be missing.
  • V6007. Expression is always true/false.
  • V6008. Potential null dereference.
  • V6009. Function receives an odd argument.
  • V6010. The return value of function 'Foo' is required to be utilized.
  • V6011. The expression contains a suspicious mix of integer and real types
  • V6012. The '?:' operator, regardless of its conditional expression, always returns one and the same value.
  • V6013. Comparison of arrays, strings, collections by reference. Possibly an equality comparison was intended.
  • V6014. It's odd that this method always returns one and the same value of NN.
  • V6015. Consider inspecting the expression. Probably the '!='/'-='/'+=' should be used here.
  • V6016. Suspicious access to element by a constant index inside a loop.
  • V6017. The 'X' counter is not used inside a nested loop. Consider inspecting usage of 'Y' counter.
  • V6018. Constant expression in switch statement.
  • V6019. Unreachable code detected. It is possible that an error is present.
  • V6020. Division or mod division by zero.
  • V6021. The value is assigned to the 'x' variable but is not used.
  • V6022. Parameter is not used inside method's body.
  • V6023. Parameter 'A' is always rewritten in method body before being used.
  • V6024. The 'continue' operator will terminate 'do { ... } while (false)' loop because the condition is always false.
  • V6025. Possibly index is out of bound.
  • V6026. This value is already assigned to the 'b' variable.
  • V6027. Variables are initialized through the call to the same function. It's probably an error or un-optimized code.
  • V6028. Identical expressions to the left and to the right of compound assignment.
  • V6029. Possible incorrect order of arguments passed to method.
  • V6030. The function located to the right of the '|' and '&' operators will be called regardless of the value of the left operand. Consider using '||' and '&&' instead.
  • V6031. The variable 'X' is being used for this loop and for the outer loop.
  • V6032. It is odd that the body of 'Foo_1' function is fully equivalent to the body of 'Foo_2' function.
  • V6033. An item with the same key has already been added.
  • V6034. Shift by N bits is inconsistent with the size of type.
  • V6035. Double negation is present in the expression: !!x.
  • V6036. The value from the uninitialized optional is used.
  • V6037. An unconditional 'break/continue/return/goto' within a loop.
  • V6038. Comparison with 'double.NaN' is meaningless. Use 'double.isNaN()' method instead.
  • V6039. There are two 'if' statements with identical conditional expressions. The first 'if' statement contains method return. This means that the second 'if' statement is senseless.
  • V6040. The code's operational logic does not correspond with its formatting.
  • V6041. Suspicious assignment inside the conditional expression of 'if/while/do...while' statement.
  • V6042. The expression is checked for compatibility with type 'A', but is cast to type 'B'.
  • V6043. Consider inspecting the 'for' operator. Initial and final values of the iterator are the same.
  • V6044. Postfix increment/decrement is senseless because this variable is overwritten.
  • V6045. Suspicious subexpression in a sequence of similar comparisons.
  • V6046. Incorrect format. Consider checking the N format items of the 'Foo' function.
  • V6047. It is possible that this 'else' branch must apply to the previous 'if' statement.
  • V6048. This expression can be simplified. One of the operands in the operation equals NN. Probably it is a mistake.
  • V6049. Classes that define 'equals' method must also define 'hashCode' method.
  • V6050. Class initialization cycle is present.
  • V6051. Use of jump statements in 'finally' block can lead to the loss of unhandled exceptions.
  • V6052. Calling an overridden method in parent-class constructor may lead to use of uninitialized data.
  • V6053. Collection is modified while iteration is in progress. ConcurrentModificationException may occur.
  • V6054. Classes should not be compared by their name.
  • V6055. Expression inside assert statement can change object's state.
  • V6056. Implementation of 'compareTo' overloads the method from a base class. Possibly, an override was intended.
  • V6057. Consider inspecting this expression. The expression is excessive or contains a misprint.
  • V6058. The 'X' function receives objects of incompatible types.
  • V6059. Odd use of special character in regular expression. Possibly, it was intended to be escaped.
  • V6060. The reference was used before it was verified against null.
  • V6061. The used constant value is represented by an octal form.
  • V6062. Possible infinite recursion.
  • V6063. Odd semicolon ';' after 'if/foreach' operator.
  • V6064. Suspicious invocation of Thread.run().
  • V6065. A non-serializable class should not be serialized.
  • V6066. Passing objects of incompatible types to the method of collection.

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