• PVS-Studio confesses its love for Linux

    This post is about love. About the love of the static code analyzer PVS-Studio, for the great open source Linux operating system. This love is young, touching and fragile. It needs help and care. You will help greatly if you volunteer to help testing the beta-version of PVS-Studio for Linux. Read more
  • Python and Ruby implementations compared by the error density

    Which programming language to start learning? Python or Ruby? Which one is better? Django or Ruby on Rails? Such questions can often be found on IT forums around the world. I suggest comparing not the languages themselves, but their reference implementations: CPython and MRI. In this article, we are going to cover the errors that were found by PVS-Studio in these projects. Read more
  • PVS-Studio team is about to produce a technical breakthrough, but for now let's recheck Blender

    Static analysis is most useful when it is done on a regular basis. Especially when the project is rapidly developing, like the Blender project, for example. Now it's time to check it once more, and see what suspicious fragments we'll find this time. Read more
  • Checking the Source Code of FlashDevelop with PVS-Studio

    To assess the quality of our static analyzer's diagnostics and to advertise it, we regularly analyze various open-source projects. The developers of FlashDevelop project contacted us on their own initiative and asked us to check their product, which we have gladly done. Read more
  • Checking the Source Code of Nana Library with PVS-Studio

    With the appearance of new C++ standards, C++ developers started to move to the new programming style, known as Modern C++, and projects that make use of the new style started to appear. Static code analyzers have to keep up to date to be able to detect errors in modern C++ code, which holds true for PVS-Studio as well. With Nana project as a test sample, we'll try to find out if PVS-Studio analyzer can cope with modern C++. Read more
  • Accord.Net: Looking for a Bug that Could Help Machines Conquer Humankind

    Articles discussing the results of analysis of open-source projects are a good thing as they benefit everyone: some, including project authors themselves, can find out what bugs lurk in a project; others discover for themselves the static analysis technology and start using it to improve their code's quality. For us, it is a wonderful means to promote PVS-Studio analyzer, as well as to put it through some additional testing. This time I have analyzed Accord.Net framework and found lots of interesting issues in its code. Read more
  • How to not shoot yourself in the foot when working with serialization

    Despite the fact that it's quite easy and comfortable to use the serialization mechanism in C#, there are some points that are worth taking note of. This article is about the ways in which you might shoot yourself in the foot working with serialization, code examples, where the main pitfalls are, and also about the way PVS-Studio can help you avoid getting into trouble. Read more
  • PVS-Studio is there to help CERN: analysis of Geant4 project

    Geant4 project continues developing, so it's really interesting to recheck it with PVS-Studio static code analyzer. This time we'll do a check of version 10.2 (previously, we checked 10.0 beta-version). Read more
  • Source code of WPF samples by Microsoft was checked

    To let people know about PVS-Studio, which is now able to check not only C++ projects, but C# as well, we decided to check the source code of WPF examples, offered by Microsoft. Read more
  • The Little Unicorn That Could

    One of the Microsoft development teams already uses PVS-Studio analyzer in their work. It's great, but it's not enough. That's why I keep demonstrating how static code analysis could benefit developers, using Microsoft projects as examples. We scanned Casablanca project three years ago and found nothing. As a tribute to its high quality, the project was awarded with a "bugless code" medal. As time went by, Casablanca developed and grew. PVS-Studio's capabilities, too, have significantly improved, and now I've finally got the opportunity to write an article about errors found by the analyzer in Casablanca project (C++ REST SDK). These errors are few, but the fact that their number is still big enough for me to make this article, does speak a lot in favor of PVS-Studio's effectiveness. Read more