PVS-Studio's Trial Mode


To learn more about ordering and conditions of PVS-Studio licensing visit the order page on the site www.viva64.com.

You can download PVS-Studio from here. The demo version has the following limitations:

  • You have only 1-st level warnings to view.
  • You have 50 clicks to navigate to the code. After that the analyzer will offer to fill in the form and send us your contacts and information. If you agree, you will be granted 50 more clicks.

You may find the demo version's limitations severe. But, trust me, they'll benefit both us and you.

Viewing only the 1-st level warnings guarantees that the user won't miss real bugs. It's a very important point. We need to show errors in the code right away. It will help both us and our potential users.

The little number of clicks and analysis limitation within the first level will trigger a quicker launch of communication via e-mail. If someone wishes to check other messages, we can grant them a registration key for, say, 1 week. The person only has to write us an email.

It's very important for us to get emails and start communicating with the user, for we can often help with some difficulties you may have when working with the analyzer. We help people set up some options, get rid of false positives, clarify on the analyzer's messages, etc. Very often, we manage to turn one's negative impression into a positive one and get the person to become our customer. We usually just need to help them with some trifle option - and to do this miracle, we need to communicate.

Welcome to try the PVS-Studio demo version. And please do write to us. We will help you to handle any difficulties and find your way around the settings, and grant you a registration key to let you study the tool thoroughly. Just please do not keep silent!

By supporting communication, we'll be able to make the PVS-Studio analyzer better, fix lots of errors in your code, and stand on guard of its quality! Contact us: support@viva64.com