V652. The operation is executed 3 or more times in succession.

The analyzer has detected a potential error: one of the operations '!', '~', '-', or '+' is repeated three or more times. This error may occur because of a misprint. Doubling operators like this is meaningless and may contain an error.

Consider the following sample of incorrect code:

if(B &&
   C && !!!
   D) { .... }

This error must have occurred because of a misprint. For instance, comment delimiters could have been omitted or an odd operator symbol could have been typed.

This is the fixed code:

if (B &&
    C && //!!!
    D) { .... }

The following code variant is correct too:

if (B &&
    C && !!D) { .... }

This method is often used to cast integer types to the 'bool' type.

This diagnostic is classified as:

You can look at examples of errors detected by the V652 diagnostic.

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