V678. An object is used as an argument to its own method. Consider checking the first actual argument of the 'Foo' function.

The analyzer has detected a call function of the following kind:


This code may probably contain an error. For example, an incorrect variable name is used because of a misprint. The correct code should look like this then:


or like this:


Let's see how such misprints may affect the code in real life. Here's a fragment from a real application:

CXMLAttribute* pAttr1 =
CXMLAttribute* pAttr2 =
if ( pAttr1 && pAttr2 &&

This code should compare two attributes. But a misprint causes the value "pAttr1->GetValue()" to be compared to itself.

This is the fixed code:

if ( pAttr1 && pAttr2 &&

You can look at examples of errors detected by the V678 diagnostic.

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